Unforgettable Characters in Orange Is the New Black

Orange is the New Black season 5 has plenty of changes compared to the first 3 seasons which are very popular and has won the hearts of the viewers. If you can remember the episodes that features the heighten issues among Taystee and Poussey where Vee gave them wedge against each other with the expense of their friendship. Yes, we observe them fighting together in the library while they are breaking each arms during the fight.

One thing great about the movie is the idea to make you watch badass character like Vee and we want to see her dead or getting beat up. We have learned how she controlled Taystee’s friend, killed and lied to Taystee many times. Vee’s character was created to piss other characters in the movie as well as viewers like you who want to follow the movie series. In the final moment of the episode of the season 3, we have seen Vee assaulting Red, and because of that, Red got injured in the head and need time to recover.

For Taystee and Suzanne, we don’t need to wait further to see Sophia’s flashback moment. The moment we glance Sophia in the movie series, we are intrigued by her looks and her self confidence. Later on we have discovered the background of Sophia. After few changes in the movie series, Sophia was forced to change her name as Marcus and used that name while she work in the fire department, making use of the credit cards which are left by owners whose house got burned down. The money which she gathers was used to slowly pay her gender reassignment. With her action, it cost her lot in different areas of her life. Sophia got arrested and was sent to prison in Litchfield. Now that she is imprisoned Sophia’s or Marcus’ wife have to work in order to take care of their son alone. We have seen that her wife as well work to jobs. On the way where she always wants to be, she was unfortunate while watching her wife and her child to do their best to see Sophia again. Using those stolen credit cards it helped her in just short period of time but because it is punishable by law to steal credit cards, this makes her very far away from her family.

Now, the next character we want to discuss is one which you don’t like easily. In all honesty, she is not an ideal mother to Daya whether from within or out of the penitentiary. But generally, she always got misunderstood by everyone and the people surround her. Her name is Aleida. We don’t know the reason why she wants to hide her feelings towards her daughter in the movie but apparently, really cares for Daya. The very reason why Daya shuns her mother Aleida is because she discovers that her mother is planning something about her future which she doesn’t want to agree. For Daya, it is like she has no freedom to choose but still Aleida insist of her plan and so their relationship as mother and daughter changes. In a present day in the prison, Aleida fights to be by Daya’s side, but in the flashback of Aleida’s younger version, she just leave Daya on the summer camp and became very sad and she picks her up again and tell Daya something which can destroy their relationship.

There are plenty of things people keep on looking in the Orange Is The New Black and they like it because it features different kind of story and what they can get out of it. Nonetheless, the movies series is very great for entertainment even if you just want to use the movie to kill time.

More info regarding this upcoming  orange tv series can also be found here: www.torontoundergroundcinema.com

The 100 : Constant Battle and the Plan for Another Season

Post apocalyptic movies concept and genre are surfacing in the movie industry lately. Although it was already popular in the past but now it become more very prevalent, for instance The Walking Dead movie series and blockbuster movie like World War Z and many more. And so we will talking about now the popular The 100 after nuclear apocalyptic Earth people are residing in the space station above the Earth and so as they say the end is near.

The season 4 begins with nuclear power which was not destroy by the bombs are starting to melt down and so Earths resources and its inhabitant are almost dead. Can you imagine 96 percent of Earth’s surface in uninhabitable and another black rain that are full radiations and you just can’t imagine that water is very deadly and poisonous. Lesions will form from pre-cancer disease and death is everywhere.

Should Clarke the main character can really save the human race or should the end of this movie series will cause as well the fall of our main protagonist. Well, there are lots of story to tell in The 100 and many will follow this movie series now as The 100 season 5 is coming. There are some things offered to Clarke from her enemies but she need to fight for her survival and to save the humanity since people on Earth and from the sky are so greed and grounders are so hungry for justice.

In the season 4 there is always struggle between the grounders and the bad guys and we really can’t predict what will happen next. And you can even hear your hearth throbbing loudly as you have watch the season 4 but still it is very great to follow story and the twists of The 100.

This time around Clarke is encouraging her colleagues to stay strong and brave and fight even though they are afraid. Together with her friends they need to work together to see through till the end and what can they accomplish when they will be together. Of course on the other hand, while they are having a hard time to face the enemy, they have as well some inner battles and trust issues to overcome and need to focus to stay alive and stick to their objective, to run away from radiation and to find safety haven for the survivor. It is a long adventure by which can enjoy in The 100 movie series and there is a lot more.

There are decision to be made, there are sacrifice to be made but the question is how long will this continue. Well, for those who follow The 100 season 4 you can expect great thing will happen in season 5. New things will entertain us and give us great story and many other mind blowing scenes.

Even though the 100 Season 5 have not yet release they have already plan to make the Season 6. Are they speculating that this season 5 will be one of the best season for the fans to watch. Which means CW is really excited.

To subscribe the 100 saison 5 streaming vostfr all you have to do is to get to the right  side remember by subscribing , you are supporting the production and giving them more strength  to continue making more of this series. They spend countless hours to make this possible for the fun out there. For supporters, fans around the globe be happy  that after Season  5 another  will come and its going to be more sci fi that the recent one. I never gets tired of watching the series. I  we all know we cant wait to watch the release.. lets all have fun.

Branching Technology — Netflix’s Experiment Rolled out

Last May at Recode’s Code Conference in May Netflix, Inc. CEO Reed Hastings appeared. He talked about the success of their company is related to being more aggressive and experimental in some sense.  As quoted he said, “we need to do more crazy things and take risks.”
The investors of the company esp. those who have been there for a long time already knows that Netflix implements experimental procedures that involves their consumers. For all you know, majority of the positive things that made the company to what it is now is because of the experiments done in the past. One of its experimental result is Netflix’s post-play feature. The company even allowed downloading of content for offline viewing and consumption is  also one of its experiment, to name a few. But the most recent experiment could be a game changer.
Branching Technology is the latest move of Netflix that is being rolled out. This can make the program of the streaming company interactive. However, it is only compatible with the newest smart TV’s, iOS devices, Roku boxes, and game consoles. The technology boasts the capability of the viewers to be part of the program by using their remote or any form of controllers to influence the next move of the show they are watching. Different choices means different outcome, and there can be thousands and thousands of ways of watching a show with that.

Just this week, Netflix announced the first in a series of its interactive branching narrative programs. The content is exclusively made for children. The title of the animated program is Puss in Book: Trapped in an Epic Tale launched was launched on June 20, and Buddy Thunderstruck: The Maybe Pile on July 14. Stretch Armstrong: The Breakout will arrive next year.
This is an example of Branching technology at work. First you will of course start up your Netflix. You then watch the Puss in Boots because why not? You are enjoying the moment chuckling here and there from time to time. And then… you’re asked to make a choice — should you befriend the bears and Goldilocks, or should you consider them as enemies? Children watching this will then decide on the story unfolds.
According to Carla Engelbrecht Fisher, children are used to touchscreens nowadays that they think such phenomenon while watching a show is nothing but normal. “They think it is fun and interactive.” This technology puts watching streaming shows go head to head with playing mobile and video games. If the initial trial with children’s programs is successful, the trial will probably expand beyond animated kids’ fare.

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Ashes of Ariandel. Dark Souls Review

Another episode of before you buy we sure  we give you some straight-up gameplay and the first impressions of the latest games releasing. Today we’re coming in with a little bit of a quickie with dark souls 3s dlc  Ashes of Ariandel. Dark Souls and Blood-borne have had some pretty badass DLC’s in the past. So let’s talk about this one, basically it’s a journey to another painted world and answer the biggest question. Yes it’s more Dark Souls and I don’t think that’s a bad thing to start this little adventure. first you’ll need access to the cleansing chapel bonfire in the base games cathedral of the deep which I mean first things first. I think I should definitely recommend that you should have finished the main game before you even try to attempt this because it’s very challenging.

generateur de gemmes clash royale

When you fast travel there you’ll find a hundred bearded man on his hands and knees near this altar then you talk to him and you’re transported to the dlc area and the first thing you probably noticed is that the environment have surprising variety. It may not look like much here but there’s some good-ass variety the environments like always with these games are stunning they just don’t feel very big. I think that actually might be the biggest cons here is that while the environments are cool and they look nice they just don’t have that cohesive feel of the rest of Dark Souls 3.


generateur de gemmes clash royale

There’s some really awesome stuff that you can just cruise right through and unfortunately that’s a damn shame. I would have liked to have spent more time in these environments but like anywhere else in Dark Souls little areas and things to discover just cool shit there’s also a big ladder that’s hilarious you know what I mean when you play the game. I don’t really want to spoil the bosses or how many there are but there’s not a lot but they are good. Enemy types themselves are very challenging most  notably the Wolves while they seem pretty easy to kill when they howl and call packs that whole pack mentality is very hard to handle sometimes and  they actually flank you and can outsmart you and kind of overwhelm you very quickly and that’s what i like that’s what I was hoping for. Also there are these tree type enemies that are very weird very creepy and they can get hard when they’re all shooting fireballs at you at once. You do get new weapons items and armor and i gotta say some of the armor looks kind of freaking awesome but for a lot of games and stuff like this it may be tough for some to find stuff to stack up to your real endgame equipment.

generateur de gemmes clash royale

The whole adventure isn’t as grandiose as epic are all my god as the main game and it is kind of short and I think that’s a big con but it is challenging and it is going to take people you know a different range maybe five hours give or take how much you’re struggling throughout it. There’s also a new pvp arena which is available after you beat the optional boss thing after you defeat the boss which i loved i thought it was a great boss battle you drop the champions bones and then you take those bones to Firelink shrine and burn them and then this gives you access to the hollow arena. Then from there you go to the bonfire and you can select undead match and from there you can pick your match format there’s duel, brawler, vs you find a match you hit enter and then you go boom and i’ll say this is where a lot ofthe value will lie this is for players who are into pvp you gotta love that stuff then you have plenty of hours here. Every soul player is different so it’s going to be hit or miss depending on what you like with these games but I think there is definitely some value to these new PvP mode they’re cool.


But playing simple that’s ashes of Ariandel it’s 15 bucks and if you beat Dark souls 3 and your clamoring for more yes this is good it is short but I think some of the pvp stuff makes up for it and while it is short it’s challenging so to some people it might not feel that short but either way it’s more Dark Souls 3 and I think that’s what a lot of people have wanted and it seems like from software has provided.

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Going To College – FAFSA Is The Answer


Hello prospective college students of America I’ve got right now you’re going through something like this the cost of college is anywhere from 10,000 of forty thousand dollars a year. I can’t afford this am not made out of money. Of course you’re not humans are made of oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, phosphorus and in my case here gel and I bet you think financial aid isn’t for you right.

Yeah the only people qualified either geniuses are people so broke that got malls in their pockets. Nope that’s a straight-up myth. Nearly everyone qualifies for financial aid and all you gotta do is fill out the FAFSA. FAFSA stands for Free Application for Federal Student Aid, the government loves across as much as I do and filling it out is really important. Every year students miss out on millions of dollars that could help them cover the cost of college just because they don’t fill out the FAFSA.

First of all aid is not only based on your parents income they take several factors from the form you fill out and crunch the numbers. Yeah like the size of your family the age oldest parent. Another thing my age I’m way too old I graduated from high school a few years ago. They’ve never helped me now. Actually you can apply no matter how old you are as long as you’re not dead. No matter your age race or even if your parents are undocumented immigrants you totally can and should apply for aid.

I know one thing that would disqualify me my grades are bad we can’t be that bad. No they’re literally bad, it doesn’t matter. Mediocre high school grades do not disqualify you in fact most federal student aid programs don’t even take grades into account. You don’t need any particular high school GPA to fill out the FAFSA. You just gotta fill out the form how hard is that. It doesn’t matter I’m busy applying to colleges I don’t have time to fill out some long crazy forms, well let’s us ask the expert.  Many humans think I’m terrifying they’re right, but I’m not bad scary. You can transfer tax information from the IRS directly onto me now. It only takes about 30 minutes they just need a little info about you and your parents. What if I support myself well you may still be considered dependent but either way FAFSA will be your guide.


So I do this and get free money? You could financially does include grants and scholarships also known as free money but it also includes work-study programs and low-interest loans and federal loans. Federal loans  can be way better than private loans for one thing when it’s time to repay their flexible repayment options. There’s the catch these loans must have crazy rate hikes, no the rate never goes up the only thing you’ll be hiking is the mountain of your dreams. So if you’re applying for college today fill out the FAFSA. Filling out the FAFSA is the single most important thing you can do to get financial aid by submitting your also applying for funds from your state and possibly your school as well. You can submit as early as October. You can do it right now so trust me you’ve got nothing to lose and a whole bunch to gain and after you do on the hardest part of college picking out the cheesy poster for your dorm room wall.

Fiber – Meaning High Speed Internet

With nearly two billion kilometers deployed around the world optical fiber is the backbone of today’s most advanced telecommunications networks fiber is assembled into optical cables that link continent cities and neighborhoods around the world. This thin flexible strand of ultra-pure glass is capable of carrying voice data and video information in the form of light signals at very high speeds.  Let’s take a closer look at this revolutionary transmission medium  optical fiber is very thin one strand is about the diameter of a human hair  it is comprised of two basic elements made of glass the core and the cladding  record the center part of the fiber is the area through which the light signals  are transmitted the cladding layer.



Completely surrounds the core keeping  the light from escaping  there are two different types of fiber single mode and multimode single-mode  fiber has a small core diameter designed to carry light in a single path over  long distances  it has high information carrying capacity and low attenuation and is the  most widely deployed optical fiber in the world.  Multimode fiber has a larger core which allows light to travel down many paths  simultaneously typically multimode fiber is deployed in data centers local area  networks and storage area networks. Where it is more cost effective than single mode fiber corning invented the first low-loss fiber in 1970 and has continued to deliver significant performance improvements for the past 40 years through continuous innovation three key attributes that can limit the speed or information carrying capacity of the optical fiber are attenuation dispersion.


And Bend induce loss in the form of macro bending in micro bending  performance  attenuation refers to signal loss along the length of the fiber in this  illustration the light gets dimmer as it travels down the fiber. It can be caused by the quality of the glass itself or can be induced by bending dispersion is the distortion of a signal along the fiber length. This occurs because different spectral components of the optical signal in the optical fiber travel at different speeds in this example different wavelengths are represented by the red and yellow light Mac Pro bending and micro bending our optical effects that occur when the fiber is bent from a straight axis micro bending is an attenuation increase caused by high frequency small radius.



It bends along the length of the fiber  macro bending is the attenuation associated with bending or wrapping the  fiber both of these conditions can allow light to leak out of the fiber meaning  some of the original signal is lost  using a bend insensitive fiber like corning clear curve single motor.

Multimode fiber will  greatly reduce the loss caused by macro bending  optical fibers operate on the principle of total internal  reflection which keeps  the light within the core and guides it down the length of the fiber refraction refers  to the bending of light. As it passes from one substance to another the glass used in the fibers core has a  higher refractive index than the glass used in the cladding so that the light can be trapped in the core by  reflection at the cladding interface. As it propagates down the length of the fiber two additional characteristics of single-mode fiber that are important are cut off wavelength and mode feel diameter cut off  wavelength. The wavelength above which fiber will support only single mode wavelengths below the cutoff support  two or more modes the cutoff wavelength is determined by the fibers refractive index profile the length and Bend of the fiber as well as the cabling process and deployment conditions encountered during use in a single mode fiber.



Some of the optical power is actually guided outside  the core  in fact as much as thirty percent of the light propagates in the cladding layer  of some fibers the mode field diameter defines the size of the optical power  distribution in the fiber. Multimode fiber has two important characteristics numerical aperture and Core sign numerical aperture is the measure of the angular range of acceptance of light into a fiber the angle over which fiber except slight depends on the refractive indices of the core and cladding glass core diameter. This a fundamental design parameter of multimode optical fiber the larger the cord the more modes of light can propagate through the fiber multimode fiber has a much larger core size than single mode fiber optical fiber is strong flexible and reliable inch four inches stronger than steel and more durable than copper fiber offers excellent signal performance over a wide range of environmental conditions since fiber carries light instead of electricity. It is unsusceptible to lightning strikes or electrical faults and unlike copper it does not corrode arrest as a result fiber reduces maintenance costs and has a proven record of reliability in the field in fact it is common for customers to report the corning that cables installed in the late nineteen seventies or early nineteen eighties are still in use today.  Optical fiber is cost-effective durable and scalable has low attenuation and it  features the superior transmission quality needed for high-speed  transmission of voice data and video in today’s leading applications  to learn more visit our website or contact your corning account  representative.

Bike inventions You Should Have


I Lock It
Have you ever forgotten your bike keys or got annoyed with your bike lock? So what if you didn’t need a key to use your bike lock? Right! You’ve seen that before, but what if you actually didn’t have to do anything at all and your bike would still be safe? With I Lock It, the world’s first fully automatic bike lock was created that does exactly that. I Lock It automatically unlocks your bike when you’re in close proximity so you can just get on it and ride. And once you leave your bike, I Lock It make sure it’s safe. All of this is fully automatic so you don’t have to press any buttons or struggle with your bulky bike lock. With I Lock It, you can worry less and enjoy more because that’s what bike riding should be about. I Lock It is built with strong and durable materials and can be easily attach to most bikes and e-bikes. And if your smartphone runs out of battery, you can easily open I Lock It with your custom click code. Also if you don’t want to take your smartphone with you, you can simply use the I Lock It key fob instead. To give you a higher security, I Lock It not only locks your bike but with its integrated sensors also sets off an alarm in case anybody tries to break it or tries to carry away your bike so you will receive a notification that someone is tampering with your bike and the bike feed get scared away. So you want to leave your bike for a long time? Simply add the additional cable to secure your bike with a fixed object. No need to carry an additional lock, of course all I Lock It functions can be easily configured with the I Lock It smartphone app. For example, you can change the proximity for locking and unlocking, the I Lock It app also allows you to easily and securely share your bike with friends and family with just a couple of clicks.



Folding bikes haven’t changed in over 30 years. They used small wheels and hinged frames that sacrifice performance and ride ability in order to achieve a compact size. They’re heavy, awkward to use, but worst of all, they don’t actually fold that small. That is why folding bike with big wheels is created. A bike that looks, rides, and feels like a normal bike but could still hold fold smaller than any other folding bike. It also have to be lightweight and easy to use. Introducing Helix, Helix is a revolutionary new folding bike. It has 24 inch wheels but one piece titanium frames and a patent-pending locking systems that is free of hinges and clamps. Helix can go anywhere, ride it to work, put it in the trunk of your car, or your next road trip, or take it on your next vacation. It has been set out to design the modern folding bike that didn’t compromise right ability for size. Using patent-pending helical hinges designers are able to put the wheels besides the frame and between the crank karts. Helix was created using modern computer aided design and manufacturing process uses the latest place for technology. Helix improves on decades-old folding bike designs in every possible way. It rides better, hold smaller, and a safer, and easier to use. Manufacturing a folding bike is difficult. Manufacturing the folding bike that pushes the limits of performance compact  and usability requires a hands-on approach and a high level of control over the entire process. That’s why Helix will be made in Canada. Where a group of designers, engineers, and manufacturing experts were also passionate cyclists. Their goal is to make the best folding bike in the world. They will oversee the entire manufacturing process right here at home.

Top 5 ISP – High Speed Internet

Today we’re going to be taking a look at the  top five unkept a DSL service providers in South Africa I position the ISPs  according to their relative prices of 24 10 and 20 megabytes per second on cap  deals. The final decision is of course up to you I’ve taken all the relative prices for each ISP service and made a final score. We’re just like what you’re spending the lower the better I hope you guys enjoy  please note that rankings are based off of ISP prices and do not include the 118  around per month Telkom Lon Nor any fiber optic deals included in this  top number 5 is web Africa started in 1999.
The ISP boasts over 51,000 customers and when addressing the community through social media we have Africa came up in more than a few times as a recommended is be with perfect. No issue services upon activating my trial account I had found no immediate issues other than a slightly above average latency and considering its incredibly similar ADSL process to my web and axis web Africa can be seen as a reasonable option for effortless internet experience squeezing.



Number 4 is my father in 1997 and was considered south Africa’s second largest Internet service provider despite the fact that it’s only at number four and one should not be looked down upon when testing the ISP service I noticed a substantial difference in gaming ping or latency while gaming though this is probably due to their large Throttle and peer-to-peer services and heavy shaping at 50 gigabytes of usage you can always go for the premium business deal. Which is around  thirty-five percent more expensive but it’s completely unrestricted and number  three we have open with its considerable price cap compared to the  previous to open with offers a reasonable price range for  uncapped ADSL service.


With further investigation into some fine print was considering taking up their services I found that the customer is entitled to a full megabyte per second 7-day ad assault trial before taking up any contracts however after contacting the internet service provider. I found that I was only supplied with 2 megabytes per second five get about 80 assault trials that expired the following day after that I decided not to pursue a contract with them any further rolling and close.


The number two is Cyber smart  established in 1998 and more targeted towards the younger radius all users  Cyber smart claims to match any price you can find that is lower than theirs  although I’m doubtful until proven otherwise  upon questioning community related forums I was highly advise going with  Cyber smart and without a trial option available.

I could not determine it for myself however with the reason we user-friendly website and low price range five smart could definitely be considered an option and without a surprise Telkom comes in at number one of course that is to be expected of an ISP that as every other service provider piggybacking off of them and with the huge expected price dropped one cap speeds below equal to 8 megabytes per second. It does have some fantastic ADSL deals with 20 megabytes per second line only seven year and more expensive than the 10 however they do work with the 24-month signing contract that needs 20 business days written notice after 24 months to cancel and if you were like me of 22 years almost paying 250 percent extra each month for the equivalent service. It can be a bit discouraging compared to the no contract obligation of ISPs mentioned before and if for some reason you weren’t able to take note of the price comparison during this article. I have included a document for your convenience with all the information you might need to make the right choice  today and for those of you are wondering where your ISP is I have made some  honorable mentions box telecom axis every hose and Nexus ISP or all great  service providers. But unfortunately they didn’t have low enough prices to get into this top 5-4 unkept yourself.

Today internet have change our lives and it affect a lot of it. Some have use it for profit and utilize them for business. Some use it for education and information. In fact even today we are almost dependent on internet shopping or buying online. That is why internet is a big thing in the technology today. Why not make your business online and make great profit. Reach more visitors and get great sales. You can have the answer by visiting seo northern ireland.

Most Affordable Internet Provider in America

What’s up everybody it sat down south redneck youtube commentating way more  blues and you’re probably saying to yourself self  why am I not seeing the game I’m seeing his chrome screen  well that’s because I’m fixing to show you the fastest internet in America for  the price.

Alright let me show you the router that I’m using, I you can already  see how fast this internet is I mean it comes right up I’m using the Aces our  TAC 6016 I and I have a generic various Ethernet cord. This is the internet the IP EPB fiber optics are ep5 alright and they had to  make their own speed test because of the speed look at this the most affordable  gig ever 6999 a month in a hundred is only fifty seven ninety-nine a month. And  you only get those two choices a gig or a hundred at your two choices so you’re  going to be blazing fast at all times so here’s the speed test which is java I’ve  already enabled all the java. So let’s just starting speed test and let’s just  see what it does and how it kicks off kicked off their pretty slow so you know  probably usually the second test this first test is kind of warm up it seems  like the second test will do better. We’re going to do we’ll run another test after this but you can see right now I’m sure this is running really high millets really how pain right now.



See  it’s almost a hundred millisecond ping and I’m still getting those  kind of speeds so let’s just do a restart and let’s see what it does now  there we go it’s going up a little bit better now. So but actually it’s a little bit slower but still you can see and also remember that is explained it is pulling of a little bit of my bandwidth you can see the upload speeds that around you know close to 800 and it’s only running at eighty-five percent speed capacity and that this is ca3 millisecond in my capacity is 1.3 gigs but like I say my Ethernet card is not good. Now we’re going to go here and we’ll go to speedtest.net and we’ll run a test on that and make sure we get the right server.



And we’ll run a test on that and I’ll show you what we’re getting a look  at one millisecond pain but look at the difference see ok it’s not big. It keeps going up but see it just don’t you, do it it’s all the upload  always seems faster look at this upload now it’s showing around 600 now I’ll speed it. I don’t care that is fast internet for seventy dollars a month and you have to remember.  I’m running the program that takes up bandwidth and limitations of let me show you some of my results, the best I’ve got off here is 772 well here it is 772 and 553 but we just did a one that was faster than that there’s well not really 553 so you see and that global grade of a plus I mean how can you beat that. It is EPB the fastest three is this is that can go check this out  you can even Google the fastest internet in America but here it is I’m showing it to you and anyway I hope y’all enjoyed this video hope maybe you  see we’re coming down here in the country we have a very fast internet. And  but like the wireless is very good have to chromecast two phones to tablets 3  wireless computers I have about 12 things on that router and the course my  tablet’s only get in  you can only get like 40 up and forty down on the end I got a nexus 5 phone.  Hooked up to the 5g and it is basically running like 275 up to 75 down so anyway I just wanted to show you all this internet and I hope you enjoyed this article.


Now that you have a great internet along with WIFI you can begin now playing with the popular mobile strike video game.

Unhappy With Your Internet Service Provider

What have you asked a question in one of the communities whether it was locking dotnet on our facebook community page somewhere youtube through twitter if you have to include my handle in the tweet. If people dislike Comcast you asked why  don’t they switch ISPs, that’s a really good question and I am a Comcast  business class subscriber and I pay a lot of money every month to get a fast  connection to the internet. I could be paying more and I’ve been debating  whether I should be paying a lot more free faster connection to the internet  it just seems to be kind of expensive for what you get, I mean granted I’m probably somewhere around  hundred dollar-a-month.



Mark with Comcast now and it’s not slow you can always be faster man who ever  complains about a fast internet connection but here’s the thing okay, if  I had it just like I’m sure every other Comcast customer on the planet had a  better alternative more affordable.  Let’s say up faster alternative but we would likely you know look at our options at this point Comcast services me well I honestly I got to tell it’s very rare that I have any amount of downtime it you know I’m very happy about that because as long as my internets be a faster connection but that’s the thing in my area.
It’s either Comcast  or not  Comcast analyzing Comcast is great it’s just that every other ISP in the area  just can’t even come close to matching the speed just can’t because of  political boundaries so it’s all this BS that we have to deal with. There’s no true competition in the broadband marketplace not even close you know 4444 this to go on as long as it’s beyond competition. Whatsoever I drive down the street I want to get a bite, there’s competition go to this restaurant, I can satisfy my hunger and a variety of locations if I want to get online at home and have the optimum connection like the fastest connection. Because that’s what it’s all about right it’s not just about being you know fed you want to be fed faster right who in their right mind would ever baguette for a slower internet connection.


A sight from your parents and maybe your parents want a faster internet connection just kind of pull that out of thin air there we want a good connection and unfortunately we’ve got to go with the best option available. Even if it’s not the most affordable because a slow internet connection is  just crazy  that’s just nuts why I created I’m not happy about paying top dollar for fast  internet connection.



If I can find a better deal believe me I’d go that route but I’m not going to pay less first floor connection I’m not going to do it and  I’m guessing that other Comcast customers are in the boat again. I’m not necessarily slamming Comcast here it’s not a backhanded compliment a  Comcast business class connection here has been good it’s been stellar and as I said I could probably pay for.

But I believe that Comcast is absolutely  overpriced I’m going to say they’re overpriced and if there were competition  available in my market you know in my area I would absolutely look into  switching and I tried searching like fiber no not available in your area in DSL. Those speeds at least speed that I can get here in my home. I’ve looked as I’m sure other people of either we’re kind of stuck with Comcast  they’re doing okay that they’re not bad in terms of what they deliver just  there’s no competition so that is why if you hear Comcast customers complaining  about Comcast. But they don’t leave is because we got no work  to go that was a that was a movie reference and if you caught that he did  anybody catch that movie reference. I would be shocked if anybody  caught that I got no place to go  just imagine there’s rain falling down anybody I’m looking at the chat room  here see if anybody the cherub chatter it’s part of a live video feed. I got to pull up there no one’s gotten so far and I think someone got it if you get my email address. How’s your broadband provider doing for you would you switch if it was possible are you a comcast customer not complaining I don’t want to turn everything off me bad I’m paying him enough money that they should that’s for sure because believe me I think it comes out the nose I used to have three legs they took one of them.