Unforgettable Characters in Orange Is the New Black

Orange is the New Black season 5 has plenty of changes compared to the first 3 seasons which are very popular and has won the hearts of the viewers. If you can remember the episodes that features the heighten issues among Taystee and Poussey where Vee gave them wedge against each other with the expense of their friendship. Yes, we observe them fighting together in the library while they are breaking each arms during the fight.

One thing great about the movie is the idea to make you watch badass character like Vee and we want to see her dead or getting beat up. We have learned how she controlled Taystee’s friend, killed and lied to Taystee many times. Vee’s character was created to piss other characters in the movie as well as viewers like you who want to follow the movie series. In the final moment of the episode of the season 3, we have seen Vee assaulting Red, and because of that, Red got injured in the head and need time to recover.

For Taystee and Suzanne, we don’t need to wait further to see Sophia’s flashback moment. The moment we glance Sophia in the movie series, we are intrigued by her looks and her self confidence. Later on we have discovered the background of Sophia. After few changes in the movie series, Sophia was forced to change her name as Marcus and used that name while she work in the fire department, making use of the credit cards which are left by owners whose house got burned down. The money which she gathers was used to slowly pay her gender reassignment. With her action, it cost her lot in different areas of her life. Sophia got arrested and was sent to prison in Litchfield. Now that she is imprisoned Sophia’s or Marcus’ wife have to work in order to take care of their son alone. We have seen that her wife as well work to jobs. On the way where she always wants to be, she was unfortunate while watching her wife and her child to do their best to see Sophia again. Using those stolen credit cards it helped her in just short period of time but because it is punishable by law to steal credit cards, this makes her very far away from her family.

Now, the next character we want to discuss is one which you don’t like easily. In all honesty, she is not an ideal mother to Daya whether from within or out of the penitentiary. But generally, she always got misunderstood by everyone and the people surround her. Her name is Aleida. We don’t know the reason why she wants to hide her feelings towards her daughter in the movie but apparently, really cares for Daya. The very reason why Daya shuns her mother Aleida is because she discovers that her mother is planning something about her future which she doesn’t want to agree. For Daya, it is like she has no freedom to choose but still Aleida insist of her plan and so their relationship as mother and daughter changes. In a present day in the prison, Aleida fights to be by Daya’s side, but in the flashback of Aleida’s younger version, she just leave Daya on the summer camp and became very sad and she picks her up again and tell Daya something which can destroy their relationship.

There are plenty of things people keep on looking in the Orange Is The New Black and they like it because it features different kind of story and what they can get out of it. Nonetheless, the movies series is very great for entertainment even if you just want to use the movie to kill time.

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