Ashes of Ariandel. Dark Souls Review

Another episode of before you buy we sure  we give you some straight-up gameplay and the first impressions of the latest games releasing. Today we’re coming in with a little bit of a quickie with dark souls 3s dlc  Ashes of Ariandel. Dark Souls and Blood-borne have had some pretty badass DLC’s in the past. So let’s talk about this one, basically it’s a journey to another painted world and answer the biggest question. Yes it’s more Dark Souls and I don’t think that’s a bad thing to start this little adventure. first you’ll need access to the cleansing chapel bonfire in the base games cathedral of the deep which I mean first things first. I think I should definitely recommend that you should have finished the main game before you even try to attempt this because it’s very challenging.

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When you fast travel there you’ll find a hundred bearded man on his hands and knees near this altar then you talk to him and you’re transported to the dlc area and the first thing you probably noticed is that the environment have surprising variety. It may not look like much here but there’s some good-ass variety the environments like always with these games are stunning they just don’t feel very big. I think that actually might be the biggest cons here is that while the environments are cool and they look nice they just don’t have that cohesive feel of the rest of Dark Souls 3.


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There’s some really awesome stuff that you can just cruise right through and unfortunately that’s a damn shame. I would have liked to have spent more time in these environments but like anywhere else in Dark Souls little areas and things to discover just cool shit there’s also a big ladder that’s hilarious you know what I mean when you play the game. I don’t really want to spoil the bosses or how many there are but there’s not a lot but they are good. Enemy types themselves are very challenging most  notably the Wolves while they seem pretty easy to kill when they howl and call packs that whole pack mentality is very hard to handle sometimes and  they actually flank you and can outsmart you and kind of overwhelm you very quickly and that’s what i like that’s what I was hoping for. Also there are these tree type enemies that are very weird very creepy and they can get hard when they’re all shooting fireballs at you at once. You do get new weapons items and armor and i gotta say some of the armor looks kind of freaking awesome but for a lot of games and stuff like this it may be tough for some to find stuff to stack up to your real endgame equipment.

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The whole adventure isn’t as grandiose as epic are all my god as the main game and it is kind of short and I think that’s a big con but it is challenging and it is going to take people you know a different range maybe five hours give or take how much you’re struggling throughout it. There’s also a new pvp arena which is available after you beat the optional boss thing after you defeat the boss which i loved i thought it was a great boss battle you drop the champions bones and then you take those bones to Firelink shrine and burn them and then this gives you access to the hollow arena. Then from there you go to the bonfire and you can select undead match and from there you can pick your match format there’s duel, brawler, vs you find a match you hit enter and then you go boom and i’ll say this is where a lot ofthe value will lie this is for players who are into pvp you gotta love that stuff then you have plenty of hours here. Every soul player is different so it’s going to be hit or miss depending on what you like with these games but I think there is definitely some value to these new PvP mode they’re cool.


But playing simple that’s ashes of Ariandel it’s 15 bucks and if you beat Dark souls 3 and your clamoring for more yes this is good it is short but I think some of the pvp stuff makes up for it and while it is short it’s challenging so to some people it might not feel that short but either way it’s more Dark Souls 3 and I think that’s what a lot of people have wanted and it seems like from software has provided.

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