Most Affordable Internet Provider in America

What’s up everybody it sat down south redneck youtube commentating way more  blues and you’re probably saying to yourself self  why am I not seeing the game I’m seeing his chrome screen  well that’s because I’m fixing to show you the fastest internet in America for  the price.

Alright let me show you the router that I’m using, I you can already  see how fast this internet is I mean it comes right up I’m using the Aces our  TAC 6016 I and I have a generic various Ethernet cord. This is the internet the IP EPB fiber optics are ep5 alright and they had to  make their own speed test because of the speed look at this the most affordable  gig ever 6999 a month in a hundred is only fifty seven ninety-nine a month. And  you only get those two choices a gig or a hundred at your two choices so you’re  going to be blazing fast at all times so here’s the speed test which is java I’ve  already enabled all the java. So let’s just starting speed test and let’s just  see what it does and how it kicks off kicked off their pretty slow so you know  probably usually the second test this first test is kind of warm up it seems  like the second test will do better. We’re going to do we’ll run another test after this but you can see right now I’m sure this is running really high millets really how pain right now.



See  it’s almost a hundred millisecond ping and I’m still getting those  kind of speeds so let’s just do a restart and let’s see what it does now  there we go it’s going up a little bit better now. So but actually it’s a little bit slower but still you can see and also remember that is explained it is pulling of a little bit of my bandwidth you can see the upload speeds that around you know close to 800 and it’s only running at eighty-five percent speed capacity and that this is ca3 millisecond in my capacity is 1.3 gigs but like I say my Ethernet card is not good. Now we’re going to go here and we’ll go to and we’ll run a test on that and make sure we get the right server.



And we’ll run a test on that and I’ll show you what we’re getting a look  at one millisecond pain but look at the difference see ok it’s not big. It keeps going up but see it just don’t you, do it it’s all the upload  always seems faster look at this upload now it’s showing around 600 now I’ll speed it. I don’t care that is fast internet for seventy dollars a month and you have to remember.  I’m running the program that takes up bandwidth and limitations of let me show you some of my results, the best I’ve got off here is 772 well here it is 772 and 553 but we just did a one that was faster than that there’s well not really 553 so you see and that global grade of a plus I mean how can you beat that. It is EPB the fastest three is this is that can go check this out  you can even Google the fastest internet in America but here it is I’m showing it to you and anyway I hope y’all enjoyed this video hope maybe you  see we’re coming down here in the country we have a very fast internet. And  but like the wireless is very good have to chromecast two phones to tablets 3  wireless computers I have about 12 things on that router and the course my  tablet’s only get in  you can only get like 40 up and forty down on the end I got a nexus 5 phone.  Hooked up to the 5g and it is basically running like 275 up to 75 down so anyway I just wanted to show you all this internet and I hope you enjoyed this article.


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