The 100 : Constant Battle and the Plan for Another Season

Post apocalyptic movies concept and genre are surfacing in the movie industry lately. Although it was already popular in the past but now it become more very prevalent, for instance The Walking Dead movie series and blockbuster movie like World War Z and many more. And so we will talking about now the popular The 100 after nuclear apocalyptic Earth people are residing in the space station above the Earth and so as they say the end is near.

The season 4 begins with nuclear power which was not destroy by the bombs are starting to melt down and so Earths resources and its inhabitant are almost dead. Can you imagine 96 percent of Earth’s surface in uninhabitable and another black rain that are full radiations and you just can’t imagine that water is very deadly and poisonous. Lesions will form from pre-cancer disease and death is everywhere.

Should Clarke the main character can really save the human race or should the end of this movie series will cause as well the fall of our main protagonist. Well, there are lots of story to tell in The 100 and many will follow this movie series now as The 100 season 5 is coming. There are some things offered to Clarke from her enemies but she need to fight for her survival and to save the humanity since people on Earth and from the sky are so greed and grounders are so hungry for justice.

In the season 4 there is always struggle between the grounders and the bad guys and we really can’t predict what will happen next. And you can even hear your hearth throbbing loudly as you have watch the season 4 but still it is very great to follow story and the twists of The 100.

This time around Clarke is encouraging her colleagues to stay strong and brave and fight even though they are afraid. Together with her friends they need to work together to see through till the end and what can they accomplish when they will be together. Of course on the other hand, while they are having a hard time to face the enemy, they have as well some inner battles and trust issues to overcome and need to focus to stay alive and stick to their objective, to run away from radiation and to find safety haven for the survivor. It is a long adventure by which can enjoy in The 100 movie series and there is a lot more.

There are decision to be made, there are sacrifice to be made but the question is how long will this continue. Well, for those who follow The 100 season 4 you can expect great thing will happen in season 5. New things will entertain us and give us great story and many other mind blowing scenes.

Even though the 100 Season 5 have not yet release they have already plan to make the Season 6. Are they speculating that this season 5 will be one of the best season for the fans to watch. Which means CW is really excited.

To subscribe the 100 saison 5 streaming vostfr all you have to do is to get to the right  side remember by subscribing , you are supporting the production and giving them more strength  to continue making more of this series. They spend countless hours to make this possible for the fun out there. For supporters, fans around the globe be happy  that after Season  5 another  will come and its going to be more sci fi that the recent one. I never gets tired of watching the series. I  we all know we cant wait to watch the release.. lets all have fun.