Top 5 ISP – High Speed Internet

Today we’re going to be taking a look at the  top five unkept a DSL service providers in South Africa I position the ISPs  according to their relative prices of 24 10 and 20 megabytes per second on cap  deals. The final decision is of course up to you I’ve taken all the relative prices for each ISP service and made a final score. We’re just like what you’re spending the lower the better I hope you guys enjoy  please note that rankings are based off of ISP prices and do not include the 118  around per month Telkom Lon Nor any fiber optic deals included in this  top number 5 is web Africa started in 1999.
The ISP boasts over 51,000 customers and when addressing the community through social media we have Africa came up in more than a few times as a recommended is be with perfect. No issue services upon activating my trial account I had found no immediate issues other than a slightly above average latency and considering its incredibly similar ADSL process to my web and axis web Africa can be seen as a reasonable option for effortless internet experience squeezing.



Number 4 is my father in 1997 and was considered south Africa’s second largest Internet service provider despite the fact that it’s only at number four and one should not be looked down upon when testing the ISP service I noticed a substantial difference in gaming ping or latency while gaming though this is probably due to their large Throttle and peer-to-peer services and heavy shaping at 50 gigabytes of usage you can always go for the premium business deal. Which is around  thirty-five percent more expensive but it’s completely unrestricted and number  three we have open with its considerable price cap compared to the  previous to open with offers a reasonable price range for  uncapped ADSL service.


With further investigation into some fine print was considering taking up their services I found that the customer is entitled to a full megabyte per second 7-day ad assault trial before taking up any contracts however after contacting the internet service provider. I found that I was only supplied with 2 megabytes per second five get about 80 assault trials that expired the following day after that I decided not to pursue a contract with them any further rolling and close.


The number two is Cyber smart  established in 1998 and more targeted towards the younger radius all users  Cyber smart claims to match any price you can find that is lower than theirs  although I’m doubtful until proven otherwise  upon questioning community related forums I was highly advise going with  Cyber smart and without a trial option available.

I could not determine it for myself however with the reason we user-friendly website and low price range five smart could definitely be considered an option and without a surprise Telkom comes in at number one of course that is to be expected of an ISP that as every other service provider piggybacking off of them and with the huge expected price dropped one cap speeds below equal to 8 megabytes per second. It does have some fantastic ADSL deals with 20 megabytes per second line only seven year and more expensive than the 10 however they do work with the 24-month signing contract that needs 20 business days written notice after 24 months to cancel and if you were like me of 22 years almost paying 250 percent extra each month for the equivalent service. It can be a bit discouraging compared to the no contract obligation of ISPs mentioned before and if for some reason you weren’t able to take note of the price comparison during this article. I have included a document for your convenience with all the information you might need to make the right choice  today and for those of you are wondering where your ISP is I have made some  honorable mentions box telecom axis every hose and Nexus ISP or all great  service providers. But unfortunately they didn’t have low enough prices to get into this top 5-4 unkept yourself.

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