Unhappy With Your Internet Service Provider

What have you asked a question in one of the communities whether it was locking dotnet on our facebook community page somewhere youtube through twitter if you have to include my handle in the tweet. If people dislike Comcast you asked why  don’t they switch ISPs, that’s a really good question and I am a Comcast  business class subscriber and I pay a lot of money every month to get a fast  connection to the internet. I could be paying more and I’ve been debating  whether I should be paying a lot more free faster connection to the internet  it just seems to be kind of expensive for what you get, I mean granted I’m probably somewhere around  hundred dollar-a-month.



Mark with Comcast now and it’s not slow you can always be faster man who ever  complains about a fast internet connection but here’s the thing okay, if  I had it just like I’m sure every other Comcast customer on the planet had a  better alternative more affordable.  Let’s say up faster alternative but we would likely you know look at our options at this point Comcast services me well I honestly I got to tell it’s very rare that I have any amount of downtime it you know I’m very happy about that because as long as my internets be a faster connection but that’s the thing in my area.
It’s either Comcast  or not  Comcast analyzing Comcast is great it’s just that every other ISP in the area  just can’t even come close to matching the speed just can’t because of  political boundaries so it’s all this BS that we have to deal with. There’s no true competition in the broadband marketplace not even close you know 4444 this to go on as long as it’s beyond competition. Whatsoever I drive down the street I want to get a bite, there’s competition go to this restaurant, I can satisfy my hunger and a variety of locations if I want to get online at home and have the optimum connection like the fastest connection. Because that’s what it’s all about right it’s not just about being you know fed you want to be fed faster right who in their right mind would ever baguette for a slower internet connection.


A sight from your parents and maybe your parents want a faster internet connection just kind of pull that out of thin air there we want a good connection and unfortunately we’ve got to go with the best option available. Even if it’s not the most affordable because a slow internet connection is  just crazy  that’s just nuts why I created I’m not happy about paying top dollar for fast  internet connection.



If I can find a better deal believe me I’d go that route but I’m not going to pay less first floor connection I’m not going to do it and  I’m guessing that other Comcast customers are in the boat again. I’m not necessarily slamming Comcast here it’s not a backhanded compliment a  Comcast business class connection here has been good it’s been stellar and as I said I could probably pay for.

But I believe that Comcast is absolutely  overpriced I’m going to say they’re overpriced and if there were competition  available in my market you know in my area I would absolutely look into  switching and I tried searching like fiber no not available in your area in DSL. Those speeds at least speed that I can get here in my home. I’ve looked as I’m sure other people of either we’re kind of stuck with Comcast  they’re doing okay that they’re not bad in terms of what they deliver just  there’s no competition so that is why if you hear Comcast customers complaining  about Comcast. But they don’t leave is because we got no work  to go that was a that was a movie reference and if you caught that he did  anybody catch that movie reference. I would be shocked if anybody  caught that I got no place to go  just imagine there’s rain falling down anybody I’m looking at the chat room  here see if anybody the cherub chatter it’s part of a live video feed. I got to pull up there no one’s gotten so far and I think someone got it if you get my email address. How’s your broadband provider doing for you would you switch if it was possible are you a comcast customer not complaining I don’t want to turn everything off me bad I’m paying him enough money that they should that’s for sure because believe me I think it comes out the nose I used to have three legs they took one of them.